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Sunflower seeds sheller

This machine is mainly composed of hopper, two levels four cicular vibration remover to remove impurites of approximately the same size and same shape with the seeds, remover with vibration and suction light impurity, iron remover, no hole screener, two combined screw hoist and centralized control cabinet.

Peanut sheller

Peanut shller has simple and compact structure, easy opearation, stable peformance, safe and reliable. The operating principle is : Input the peanuts into the hopper quantitatively, uniformly and continuously, peanut kernels and the broken peanut shells in the rotor’s wind pressure and batter.

Enclosed rolling roaster

Rolling roaster is one equipment for oil press required, suitable for granular oil seeds. This machine adopt advanced technology, changed the traditional domestic seeds frying technology.

Plate Fine Filter

Mechanical plate fine filter type to import paper plate filter, after our engineers’ absorption, improvement, innovation and design and manufacture meticulously, then form now BASB400 filter series, the appearance novel, effective use, fit a variety of filter cloth, filter paper, membrance filter medium, suitable for a variety of different liquid’s different level requirments of filting precision, purification and filtration process.