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Peanut Sheller

  • Model: 6BH-55
  • Produce capacity KG/H: 500-800
  • Power KW: 4+2.2
  • Shelling rate: 99%
  • Remark: Stone remover 2.2KW/Sheller 4KW
  • Peanut sheller
  • peanut sheller 2
  • peanut sheller 3
  • peanut sheller 4

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Peanut sheller

Peanut sheller
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■ Introduction

Peanut Sheller operating principle:

Peanut shller has simple and compact structure, easy opearation, stable peformance, safe and reliable. The operating principle is : Input the peanuts into the hopper quantitatively, uniformly and continuously, peanut kernels and the broken peanut shells in the rotor’s wind pressure and batter, through certain pore size of the screen, the peanuts shell and kernel is blowing force by rotating fan, the shell which is light be blowed out from the machine, the kernel filted by vibration screen. This achieved the objective of shelling.

Characteristics and application:
The peanuts sheller has the advantages of simple structure, high production efficiency, less damage of kernel, low breakage rate, high shelling rate, the operation and maintenance convenient etc. Can process any varieties of peanuts, suitable for all kinds of large grain storage and process department, large peanut products import an export companies and all kinds of peanut processing plants, oil mill etc.

Peanut sheller operation
1. Fix the motor, make the two wheel in the same line, connect the power supply, must connect the ground wire, make sure the machine rotate the clockwise way, idle for 5 minutes then stop the machine to check each parts of the machine, wheter the screw is loose, the tightness of the triangle belt, wheter the lubrication parts is hot, and the pressure situation of the parts, if there is any abnormal should adjust.
2.The big rubber roller and the small rubber roller is no clearance fit. The big rubber roller adjusting by the pressure of spring, through the role of rocker arm to tightly pressed on the small roller.The spring pitch is bigger, the pressure is smaller, the pressure tranport to the big roller is smaller, vice versa. Spring pitch adjustment request in about 2 to 4 mm, this is the key to affect the shelling effect. The machine is adjusted when delivery from factory, but user should pay attention to adjust according to the actual situation.
3.Before the peanut sheller working, should cover all the protective cover of driving parts, must be accordance with the provisions of safety first, strictly obey the operating rules, and shall not have any negligence. 

■ Technical Data

Peanut sheller techinical parameter:

Model Produce capacity KG/H Power KW Shelling rate Remark
6BH-40 300 1.5 98%  
6BH-55 500-800 4+2.2 99% Stone remover 2.2KW Sheller 4KW
6BH-75 1000-1500 7.5+3 98% Stone remover 3KW Sheller 7.5KW
6BH-90 1500-2000 10+3 99% Stone remover 3KW Sheller 10KW
■ Details

1.Requirement to the sheller:
(1) Shell clean, high produtivity, for sheller with cleaning device, requires a higher cleaniness.
(2) Low loss rate, low breakage rate.
(3) Simple structure, reliable operation, convenient adjustment, less power consumption, has certain versatility, can be use to shelling a variety of crops, in order to improve the utilitzation rate of the sheller.
2.Requirement to the peanuts: Peanut humidity is suitable, too dry, broken rate is high; to wet, the work efficiency is low. The storage of peanut in rural place generally is dry, in order to make the humidity is suitable, could adopt the following methods.
(1) Shelling in winter, before shelling, with 10kg warm water sprayed uniformly on 50 kg peanuts, cover wiht plastic mulch around 10 hours, and dries under the sun for 1 hour, then can start shelling, other seasons should cover with plastic mulch for 6 hours, and the rest is the same.
(2) Can dip dry peanuts into a large water tank and get out immediately, then cover with plastic mulch for 1 day, then dry under the sun, when humidity is suitable can start shelling.
(3) The requirement to the volage and the selection of the workplace
The single phase motor to work properly, voltage should reaches its rated voltage. Rural place general only have one transformaer, and the house is scattered, combined with the wiring and circuit is not very standard, the far away from the transformer user of its voltage is insufficient, therefore the workplace should choos close from the transformer.

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