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BASB 400NN-1 Plate Fine Filter

  • Model: BASB 400NN-1
  • Plate quantity: 20
  • Filter area(㎡): 3
  • Referance flow (t/h)(water): 2-3
  • Plate size(mm): 400×400
  • Motor power (kw): 1.5
  • Overall dimesion (mm): 1550×600×1400
  • Plate Fine Filter

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Plate Fine Filter

Plate Fine Filter
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■ Introduction

► Plate fine filter product feature:  
Mechanical plate fine filter type to import paper plate filter, after our engineers’ absorption, improvement, innovation and design and manufacture meticulously, then form now BASB400 filter series, the appearance novel, effective use, fit a variety of filter cloth, filter paper, membrance filter medium, suitable for a variety of different liquid’s different level requirments of filting precision, purification and filtration process. 
Input and output using two-in and two-out pipe, greatly improved its velocity and ensure that the pressure during working uniformly. Two sight glass, visually observed the filt liquid sensory effects before and after. The presure gauge at the top of inlet, clearly display the working pressure. The sample valve at the top of the outlet, can take sample for the filted liquid, can also be used as a delated and emptying during startup and shutdown opeartion. Quick mounted connector,very easy to install and unpick and wash. The ISO internation standard valve and pipe, manufacture fine, can be integrated pipeline connection for the most advanced workshop.
Compared with other container filter in domestic market at present, this plate filter machine has many advantage, first is less residual liquid left, easy to shift connection and reduce waste. Secondly, the filter material is using plate and planar expanded form filter, easy to clean, has big filter area, can be repeatedly used, long service life and low cost. Thirdly, for different process of different precision, replace the filter material is convenient, and the operation is simple. So for new user, there is no selection risk,(because it applies a variety of filter materil, so there must have one type is suitable for you, see below)

► Can use a variety of filter material
This fine filter can use all kinds of special filtering plate ( Beer, grape alcohol filter plate, clarify plate, holding plate, coarse filter plate etc.), and all kinds of microporous membrane filter, filter paper,filter cloth and adding diatomite filter aids.
► Plate fine filter application area
This fine filter widely used for coarse filtration, precision filtration and microporous filter in alcohol ( wine, rice wine, beer, alcohol etc.), pharmaceutical ( traditional Chinese medicine extract and other large dose filtering), beverages, vinegar, honey, syrup, various oil ( edible oil, industrial oil) etc.

■ Technical Data

► Plate fine filter main specification and parameter: 

♦ Filter pressure:≦0.4Mpa   ♦ Filter temperature:0℃~88℃  ♦ Press methods: manual screw clamp

Model Plate quantity Filter area(㎡) Referance flow (t/h)(water) Plate size(mm) Motor power (kw) Overall dimesion (mm)
BASB 400NN-1 20 3 2-3 400×400 1.5 1550×600×1400
BASB 400NN-1 30 4 3-4 400×400 1.5 1750×660×1400
BASB 400NN-1 44 6 4-6 400×400 1.5 2100×660×1400
BASB 400NN-1 62 8.5 6-8 400×400 2.2 2500×660×1400
BASB 400NN-1 70 9.5 8-10 400×400 2.2 2700×660×1400
■ Details


► Filtering principle and process
During filtering, the raw liquid input into feeding channel by feeding pump, respectively into the filter unit, under the function of absorption and closure from the pape filter plate or membrane filter, remove the impurities, the clear liquid from each filtering unit come together and flow out from the output, therefore the liquid become purified.

Precision filter


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