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Sunflower seeds sheller

  • Model: TFKH-800
  • Power: 10.34KW (380V)
  • Processing capacity: 0.8T/H
  • Perfect kernel rate: 90%
  • Cover area of the machine: 8.8×2.5×3.4m
  • Sunflower seeds sheller

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Sunflower seeds sheller

Sunflower seeds sheller
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■ Introduction

Sunflower seeds sheller component:
This machine is mainly composed of hopper, two levels four cicular vibration remover to remove impurites of approximately the same size and same shape with the seeds, remover with vibration and suction light impurity, iron remover, no hole screener, two combined screw hoist and centralized control cabinet.

TFKH Sunflower seeds sheller is the new machine designed by Henan Wanda. This machine is improved from the old model TFKH. It use special dual sheller system, through frequency conversion technology to achieved the independent control to the sheller. Special designed wind recycling system, make the un shelled seeds into the next shelling cycle, so as to greatly improve the efficiency of the shelling. This machine can finish impurity remove, shelling, sorting and check in one time, is the first choice of the sun flower seeds industry. It is characterized with high shelling rate, low kernel broken rate, high automation ,easy operation and maintenance etc.


[Component] :①hopper ②material hoist ③Multifunctional impurity remover④bucket elevator ⑤Double sheller ⑥Rechecked machine(3 sets、⑦seeds receiving hopper ⑧wind material recycling system ⑨Centralized control system.
Process flows:
Load material→lifting→first time remove the same same size impurities and broken kernel→second time remove the same same size impurities and broken kernel→remove the light and small impurities and iron→get the final products. 

[Procees flow] :


■ Technical Data

Sunflower seeds sheller main parameter:

Model TFKH-800 TFKH-1200 TFKH-1500
Power 10.34KW (380V) 14.59KW(380V) 16.47KW (380V)
Processing capacity 0.8T/H(according different raw material) 0.5-0.8T/H(according different raw material) 0.5-1 T/H(according different raw material)
The impurities after cleaning ≤0.1% (no hairs, stones, glass and metal)
Kernel broken rate Within 3-10%, can change according you needs (below half kernel is broken kernel)
Perfect kernel rate 90%(below half kernel is broken kernel)
The kernel rate in the final impurities ≤2-5%
Operator needed 2-3 staff
Cover area of the machine 8.8×2.5×3.4m 14.4×2.8×4.1 m 11.3×3.3×5.5 m
Weight 5 T 5.2 T 5.2 T
■ Details

Sunflower seeds sheller machine features:
Multifunctional impurity remover can remove the big, small, light and the same size impurities in the raw material.(Such as stone, glass,empty seeds, hairs etc.) The wind recycling system make the unshelled material return back to the sheller to shell again.
By adjusting the screen angle to achieve an ideal separation effect.
The sheller adopts whole steel inner, blade adopts 99% alumina ceramic, improved the shelling effect and use time.
Screw discharger adopts conveninent for collection of the shell of sunflower seeds, reduces the generation of dust.
Scales screen applications can easily implement seed kernel separtion, sieving slice selects the high quality cold-rolled steel plate, strong and durable.
The whole equipment by electric control cabinet centralized control, simple operation and intuitive, sheller adopts frequency conversion design can adjust sheller frequency according to the conditioon of the material at any time.
The whole equipment form vibration motor, vibration sourse used in equipment. The installation is convenient, fast and easy to learn.

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