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animal feeds processing

animal feeds processing
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■ Introduction

Powder feeds processing equipment:
Main feature:
1.This equipment is automatic feeds producing equipment which including crushing,mixing,lifting and packing.
2.Easy operating, high produce capacity, save labor, is ideal choice of feeds factory and livestock farm.
3.Can design and set according to the customer’s factory area.

Pellet feeds processing equipment:
Capacity: 1-30 ton/h
Main feature:
1.Mixed evenly. Kinds of micro elements after small mixer multiple dilution,feeding into double shaft high efficient mixer mixing with feeds, made every element mixed evenly.
2.Less cross contamination,less residue.This is ensure by two methods, first is use fewer convey equipment; second is the mixer have self cleaning function, and with big outlet door,unloading completely.
3.Less dust in the workshop. Special designed with dust removing system, the effect is perfect.
4.Can designed and set according customer’s factory area.

Main Equipment:
Conveying equipment: ( U form scraper conveyor,scraper conveyor,bucket elevator, paddle feeder with iron remover, screw feeder with speed adjusting, screw conveyor, belt conveyor)
Pellet equipment:( flat mold pellet machine, ring mold pellet machine, vertical ring mold pellet machine.)
Crushing equipment:(disk crusher,water drip style crusher, multiple function crusher, self priming crusher, hammer crusher)
Mixing equipment:(pot mixer,vertical mixer,horizontal mixer,double shaft paddle mixer)
Pellet grinder:(double roller grinder, three roller grinder)
Cooling equipment: ( contraflow cooler, stable dry cooler)
Selecting equipment: ( rotary grading screen, vibration grading screen)
Remark: all of our products can produce according different producing capacity of customer

Equipment feature:
1.High capacity, good performance, low consumption, low noise, good appearance, is ideal equipment to produce pellet feeds for poultry,livestock,fish and shrimp.
2. Ring mold pellet machine including adjust feeder and high class tempering machine, big improve the feeds curing and smooth rate.
3. Cooling machine is one set machine, small area , easy operation.
4. Less investment,quick profit, low power consumption, high automation.
5. Optional pull rod pump lubricating equipment, convenient and effort, safe and reliable, can achieved feeding lubrication oil non stop.

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