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How peanut sheller maintenance works


Peanut Sheller is a professional equipment for shelling peanuts , peanut sheller machine set , shell Jen separation in one, with a simple structure , easy operation , low energy consumption , low noise characteristics.
Peanut shelling machine is an important equipment edible oil processing industry , the daily management of the peanut shelling machine is an effective way to extend the life and personal safety , the following is a brief look at three aspects Peanut Sheller in the course should be noted :
1, During operation , feeding should be kept evenly to 20-30 kg / min peanut appropriate if found feeding secondary air delivery port back so much congestion, should reduce feeding and air conveyor purify the lower door open the discharge. feed back may be due to excessive gap large sieve little peanut .
2, Before starting the first shelling mouth shutter is closed , they will not let the peanuts out of when the screen surface to be about 30mm thick peanut , and then slowly open the blocked benevolence board , make peanut, small fruit flowing in different directions , after the opening degree of benevolence often adjust block board , so that the back plate block benevolence try peanut peanut Guo Buchu outflow skin small degree , otherwise it will affect the quality of shelling .
3, The use of the process if we find a lot of shelling peanuts gathered in the mouth , blocking the entire board Jen still can not open smoothly flowing , then you can look at the guide wheel slightly padded , peanuts can flow smoothly .