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stainless steel dust mill and stainless steel grinder


 Henan Wanda chemical equipment Co,.ltd produced by the universal stainless steel mill 304 stainless steel production quality, supporting GB motor, mainly for chemical materials, Chinese herbal medicine with roots, branches and massive materials, a variety of oil content is not high food , Whole grains and some other hard, brittle materials. The pulverized material is pulverized by the impact of the tooth plate, the friction and the collision of the materials with each other by the relatively high speed operation between the movable and fixed gears. Crushed material can be directly discharged from the grinding chamber, the material out of the mouth, the material crushed into the bag after the collection, crushed material collected in the bag, the air from the bag of small holes out, will not be fine powder discharge, So as not to waste, no pollution effect. Thickness can be replaced with different mesh adjustment of the mesh.

Universal grinder, stainless steel dust mill, according to the user's special requirements and crushed materials, the special physical and chemical properties can be installed water cooling device. If the material to be crushed has a low melting point, a low ignition temperature, is easy to soften and become sticky, the crushing effect can not be crushed or even burned or exploded. This is necessary to install the cooling device on the crushing equipment.
Commonly used water cooling device is in the crushing chamber of the front wall and rear wall were installed with a sealed water clip, so that the flow of tap water or well water flows into the back wall of the water clip, and then into the front wall of the water clip, Wall water clip back into the wall, the outlet from the rear wall outflow. The purpose of water cooling device is to reduce the temperature of the crushing chamber!