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20TPD Extra virgin olive oil cold extraction line with decanter



 This set of equipment adopts new modern technolgy similar to Italy brand to get virgin olive oil and suitable for olives handling capacity from 500kg/h to 10t/h . The main process includes washing,crushing,solid-liquid separation by 2-phase decanter and oil-water separation by disc separator.For capacity below 500kg/h,we usually adopts crushing+hydraulic oil press+tubular centrifuge method.


Oil yiled for 1 ton olives usually is about 17% by the cold extraction type.that is to say you can get about 170l olive oil from processing 1ton olives.


Then for olive pomace,you can use them to make animal feed after drying or pomace oil by solvent extraction.


Turn-key solution for olive/avocado oil plant mainly include the following system


——Olive oil cold extraction system;———Olive oil filling/refilling system;———Olive oil storage system;     ——Olive pomace solvent extraction system;——Olive pomace drying and pellet system