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2016 product vertical automatic powder packing machine with screw measuring flour packaging


In simple terms, product packaging machine is to wrap up the machine, plays a protective, beautiful role.

And the automatic power packing machine has many advantages:

 1. The machine is featured with compact structure, durable, logical design and precise.

 2. Adopts light sensor control system, stepping motor control film transporting system ,reliable, and stable performance.

 3. Operation is much more stable, low noise and low malfunction.

 4. It can finish automatically all processes, such as measuring, filling and bag marking.

 5. The dimension bag can be adjusted according to the need that to achieve the perfect shape, to upgrade the appearance for the product, then add the  value of it.

 6. All the packing machine is made from SS304, clean and safe, easy for cleaning.

 7. This model got higher speed, technology very mature, the continuous running make it very high efficiency.