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The importance of refined vegetable oil


refined vegetable oil eqipmentRefined vegetable oil is an edible oil in plants, beneficial to human health, the edible part of our lives, and therefore the quality of edible oil refining process is very important. In vegetable oil refining process (olive or seed oil), must be acid oil and sodium hydroxide. The output of this process is removed usually by centrifugation body soap, dirt outputs are referred to as "saponified water", containing organic and inorganic components. Saponification water treated with acid, oleic acid is converted to a valuable byproduct fat.
Sewage output from the refining process due to the presence of oleic acid were heavily contaminated fat, fatty acids and salt content, such as sulfates and phosphates, if there is no appropriate treatment is difficult to discharge. Henan Wanda Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd  suggested Refined vegetable oil business, for the life of the people in the provision of material resources, but do not ignore the post-production after the treated wastewater discharged to protect the homeland our only survival.