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100 T/D Negative pressure Oil Rotocel Extraction Equipment



100 T/D Negative pressure Oil Rotocel Extraction Equipment


Main features of 100 T/D Negative pressure Oil Rotocel Extraction Equipment:

1.Simplest structure among the same kind of extraction equipment.

2.Using the fixed grid plate to replace false bottom,and reducing running gear,then achieve less operation failure,high rate of safe operation and reliable work.

3.With self-cleaning effect,and it doesn't need downtime to clean the grid plate.

4.Increasing extraction time of oil materials to reduce the rate of residual oil.

5.Increasing loading coefficient to enlarge production.


Technical process of Oil extraction equipment :

Materials is sent to seal auger of the extraction plant by scraper conveyor,fallen into roto cel extractor and extracted by solvent or miscella spraying. After draining, wet dregs fall into dreg bucket and will be sent into steam offline through scraper conveyor and seal auger. After steam off and baking, the dregs will be off solvent and sent to product dreg storehouse. 
After filtering by filter in extractor, the miscella will flow into miscella tank, then enter two long evaporator after solvent-steam separation in one long evaporator. After repeat solvent-steam separation, dregs flow into stripping tower to remove solvent. Then the crude oil will flow into oil tank and be sent to oil press plant. The solvent vapour from the evaporator, stripper, flat spin leaching device, steamed offline of first and second pipe is cooled by condenser. The condensate is water distributed in water knock-out vessel, then the distributed solvent goes back to tank. The waste water discharged from water knock-out vessel and tank flows into the water boiler and is cooked then discharged water closing pool. The free gas above all equipments is collected into the final condenser and condensated, un-condensated gas go back to the absorption tower again and capture solvent.