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How 6YL-68 screw oil press works


 6YL-68 Screw oil press has simple structure, maintainability. The oil press can be used with a variety of steaming wok, fry seeds cooked machines and puffing machine pressed, can also be based on user needs, will clean up good material directly into the virgin Health virgin oil within the machine.
Screw oil press’s function as follows : When you press the operation, after a good deal of material from the hopper into the pressing chamber. In pressing screw shaft rotation, the material in advance to keep the embryo, is squeezed out of oil. In one aspect, the root diameter of the screw shaft gradually thickening pitch decreases, so that the material advance in the pressing chamber, the volume of constantly being compressed, the pressure is increased continuously to meet the oil pressure required for the precipitation.
On the other hand, due to the expected movement in the embryo constantly press the virgin bore, bore under high pressure conditions squeezed, resulting in a squeeze between the embryo and snails feed, feed embryo and virgin bore great friction ; while thread embryos make the material forward while constantly outwards virgin material layer near the surface of the screw threaded shaft can rotate with the juice, so squeeze every embryo particulate material within the bore velocity is not the same direction of motion but also exist between the particles relative movement. The heat generated by the movement of the oil extraction process and meet the heat necessary for operation, help to promote the parison thermal denaturation of proteins, destruction of the gel, to increase plasticity, reducing the viscosity of oil, it is easily precipitated, thus increasing the press the oil yield .