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Five advantages of olive oil machinery


Olive oil has different color press with increasing pressure and deepening into yellow, yellow-green , blue-green , blue to blue- black. Deep olive color high acid , acid value greater than 3:00 , greasy thickens and irritating , unfit for human consumption . Increasing the proportion of dark olive oil . If the relative density of light oil (15 ℃ / 15 ℃) is greater than 0.918,indicating doped with other oils . Depending on the degree of processing ,which can produce different quality of olive oil, while increasing the olive oil machinery requirements , to improve the quality of olive oil .

Henan Wanda Chemical Equipment’s product that oil press equipment has the following five advantages:
1, Automatic temperature control, easy to operate oil roasted , into the breech oil, hair oil filter has a strict temperature requirements.
2, Magnetic separation systems , feeding systems installed magnetic separation device can remove materials in iron , nails and other debris , to avoid the oil into the iron artifacts caused by mechanical failure .
3, Multi-stage crushing, the oil is high , multi-level advance and strengthen the degree of crushing of raw materials, improve the oil yield , while speeding up the work efficiency.
 4, Automatic heating , mechanical and electrical integration , electronic program control, infrared heating synchronization of different oil crops , different heating can be automatically improve the speed and efficiency of the press .
 5, The Almighty press , a machine has a machine can be pressed peanut , rapeseed , sesame , soybean, cottonseed , sunflower, flax, seed, Tong Ren , seeds and chili pepper seeds, corn germ and other oil seeds such as 20 various oil crops, multi -round .