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The main application of the screw press


Screw press refers to more than one group by making the outer bolt and bolt in the framework of the rotation of the mechanical pressure applied pressure in the form of a general term. Screw press can be divided into two ways, one way is the torque applied to the bolt to generate static pressure, and the other one is fixed by the rotational energy of the flywheel bolts for forming a concentrated manner. As long as the slider is generated by the spiral structure of the upper and lower torque molding presses, both as a screw press .
The following short answer to explain the main purpose of the screw press :
Screw press is mainly used in a variety of high, medium and low-grade refractory molding products processing, or various metal materials processing molding products (cold, hot forging, cold forging thin forging, casting forging ) .
The lower part of the general screw forging presses are equipped with top of the device . Both screw press forging hammer, forging machinery and other mechanical presses role, universal and strong, can be used for forging, stamping, deep drawing processes. Furthermore, screw press, friction press particularly simple structure, easy to manufacture, it is widely used. Screw press drawback is lower productivity and mechanical efficiency .