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Applications of fine filter


fine filterFine filter primarily as a filter separator, flow meters, control valves and other protective filter. In more serious situations particulate pollution refinery finished products, transit depots, storage depots and other airports, mounted in front of the warehouse as a pre- filter separator for filters,which can effectively extend the life of coalescing filter ; When installed in the meter, when the control valve prior to use, can effectively block the size of the larger particles of impurities, prevent mechanical damage occurs .
Filter is formed by the filter housing and the discharge valve, pressure gauge, drain valve, sampling joints accessories. The oil is filtered by the filter into the lower inlet casing, and then flows through the filter element from the outside, then the coarse particles will immediately precipitate ( discharged from the discharge port ) of smaller particles is blocked filter. After the last clean oil through the filter tray collection, by the outlet pipe out of the filter . With the increase in the amount of oil to be filtered, the filter contaminants deposited on the filter will cause increased pressure, when the pressure rises to 0.1Mpa, indicating that the filter is clogged and should be replaced or cleaned . The following outlines the structure of Fine Filter : safety valve interfaces, emptying valves, filters superstructure, O-ring, filter, filter tray, import filters, drain valve, filter outlet, sampling port, pressure tube, manual lever opener device, pressure meter.