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6YL-80 screw oil press is a new automatic oil press



6YL-80 screw oil press is a kind of automatic processing equipment, automatic means that in addition to the feed, the basic need other operations, brake temperature, vacuum filtration, simple operation, small footprint, high oil . The thermostat can improve the actual oil yield of 10-30%. Automatic oil advanced design, reliable performance, simple operation, easy maintenance, energy saving, high oil, labor, versatile, pure oil, small footprint and so on.
Automatic screw oil press installation notes:
1, When the press is installed, surrounded by leaving enough space for the staff to operate.
2, Four bolt under the first base to adjust the horizontal position of the machine, and then adjusted to a horizontal filter drums.
3, After the machine is installed, the machine 3-5m away from the marked O.5-1m deep at the ground before work.