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The status and characteristics about oil refining industry


Oil refining industry with the gradual development of technology, it is also gradually increase. Found that the situation is different in each period, only time attention to the development trend of oil refining in order to better develop edible oil processing industry.
Here a brief introduction about oil refining industry :
1,Refining capacity of rapid growth, adjust and optimize the layout, the main pattern of market diversification initial formation. Entering the new century, China's oil refining industry by deepening reform, expanding opening up, step up adjustment in the east, through a combination of expansion and new, rapidly expanding the overall size.
2, Size large, integrated refining, industrial clusters, base construction progresses, intensification continues to increase. With the scale of China's expanding refinery, a large degree of continuous improvement device.
3, The device structure adjustment, processing, finishing, different crude oil processing capacity to adapt and improve, continue to promote energy conservation.
4, Crude and refined oil production continued to grow, to better meet the domestic demand.