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The six characteristics of screw oil press


Screw oil press is mainly used for processing of individual home press. It is a fully automatic hydraulic press, the production of small, but easy.
The following outlines about the main features of oil press:
1, The oil rate: Compared with the old equipment, the oil rate can be higher than the normal 2-3 percent.
2, Saving energy: lower production of electric power equal to 40%, saving an average of 6 kilowatt-hour basis, the production can save 30 yuan electricity.
3, The provincial workers: labor savings equal to 60% yield, 1-2 people can organize production.
4, Wide use: a machine can be pressed peanut, flax, sesame, rapeseed, sunflower, cottonseed, soybeans and other 30 kinds of oil crops. Multi-stage press, a virgin net.
5, Pure oil: vacuum filtration residue, protect the oil clean, sanitary and quarantine standards.
6, Innovative ideas, mechanical and electrical integration: oil press has design scientific and reasonable structure, easy to operate, safe and stable, fully automated device to expect from the finished product a few minutes to complete.