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Four characteristics of soybean oil press


Soybean oil press is automatic screw press, the device is divided into two parts, hydraulic and pressing chamber, the press is the advanced equipment. Oil press can save time and labor, the oil is high , equipped with small power, pure oil, a machine can sesame, peanut, rapeseed, soybean , sunflower, flax oil and other 20 kinds of conduct oil processing.

The following four characteristics of short-answer introduction of soybean oil press :
1, Energy efficient : General press processing fifty kilograms of raw materials required to power 13 kilowatts motor 1 hour , press processing fifty kilograms of raw materials, with a 3 kW motor power consumption of just 5 minutes, several times more efficient, saving electricity 90%.
2, Added : roll -pressed ordinary press materials, by-products as animal feed only after this oil pres processing, such as every hundred pounds of peanuts to squeeze 28 - 35 pounds of oil, peanuts can also be processed into high restitution protein, low-fat green , higher value-added products.
3, No loss: ordinary spiral extrusion press to produce high temperature, the oil nutrition to reduce raw materials consumption 6%, Soybean oil press using physical squeezing, no heating , no lossy , the oil rate is adjustable.
4, Environmental protection: the use of direct filtration, without low noise edible vegetable oil production process does not add any chemical raw materials.