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China supplier natural high quality beauty Bath Soap


Soap is an indispensable household cleaning products.Raw material is from natural plant, without any animal fat.

Song appeared when a synthetic detergent, is a natural acacia mashed small study, adding a variety of medicinal petals powder, made specifically for the spherical body wash bath use. After some acacia cooking water directly added medicinal petals, bubble bath performed.

Plants weak base soap  is one of the skin, hair, laundry care products, is a consumer goods.


And some manufacturers are fat, sodium and other surfactants as the main raw material for the production of soap, add and appearance quality improver improvers, after molding products made because of the high content of these PH value, the skin can not be long-term resistance that is, it can only be used to wash their clothes. The plant contains a weak basesoap PH low, long-term acceptance of human skin, and a variety of nutrients contained in plants, as well as vitamins and nutritional care of the skin effect.