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Complex process of cold oil press processing


Cold oil press processing is widespread concern for the whole soybeans ,which can be cold-pressed seed crushing, so that when the whole seed press to strictly control the moisture, generally controlled at about 8 to 10% , and pay attention to the press heating, standby body temperature rise to about 80 degrees before proceeding to press .
When cold pressed soybean moisture content level of manual inspection method: front teeth can bite chopped flat molars bite into shape, and surface cracks , there are slight noise is appropriate ; If a flat shape, no cracks are too wet, If a broken great sound bite , it is too dry , you need to adjust the amount of water before squeezing .
Following is a brief look at the four major characteristics of cold oil press :
1, High efficiency oil, peanut oil squeeze only takes 40 minutes out of oil. Assured a healthy pure oil , waste oil and carcinogenic breaking away from oil .
2, Case stainless steel, high-grade durable , mute oil extraction .
3, Multi-functional oil, eat peanut oil , sesame oil, sunflower oil , rapeseed oil, walnut oil.
4, Cold-pressed and hot -pressed one-click, oil yield is relatively crushing ingredients , in accordance with peanut oil yield is 33% ~ 42% is very high oil yield.