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Three components of vertical hydraulic oil press


Vertical hydraulic oil press system can be pressed rice bran , sesame, peanuts, soybeans , rapeseed , cottonseed oil, tung oil and other fuel , for use in the rural township , oil mill and rice mill plant oils can also be used as general industrial and mining enterprises repression simple press workpiece.
Following is a brief introduction about the three most hydraulic oil press consists:
1, Main body parts:
It is from the floor , column, on the roof , pressing tang assembly, oil pan , nuts and other parts, is the machine's main one body , which in the virgin oil tang assembly upward force from the fuel tank assembly forward, the flow of oil from extra virgin oil tang cracks shed by the oil pan to the oil tank.
2, Transmission Hydraulic part :
This is a local production of high oil yield of the main power source to work , it is by shaft, worm gear, worm gear pumps, high pressure pumps, pressure relief valve , manual valve , fuel tank assembly , pipe joints and other parts. The machine adopts the most advanced hydraulic pump station , South Korea and three piston pump stations, compared to the second piston than domestic , low speed , oil pressure , high temperature , oil temperature is above 65 degrees without cooling device , sustainable jobs.
3, Electrical control parts:
This is where the local art , which is regulated by the motor , voltmeter , temperature controller, pressure gauge , power and insurance yuan pieces of composition.