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cooking oil refining equipment


The cooking oil refining equipment has many advantages:easy operation,less premise,good quality oil product.suitable for 1-30TPD tons of intermittent animal vegetable oil refining.

Technological process:it's kind of intermittent small senior edible oil refiing equipment,the special equipment for oil degumming,deacdification,decoloration,deodorization(senior edible oil,salad oil).the complete set of equipment includes heat conduction oil furnace,steam can process chemical refining without purchasing other pots. deodorized tea seed oil,rice bran oil and corn germ oil etc.with much fat or wax should be further dewaxing and degrease.

Application area:plant oil ,such as palm oil,soybean oil,rice bran oil etc,animal oil,oil materials with high acid value and more impurities.

Main equipment:heat exchanger,gas chromatography,heater,combined-type deodorization tower,fatty acid capture device,cooler,level 4 steam injection pump,heat conduction oil furnace units. 

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