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how to make cooking oil



Cooking oil from olives, peanuts, safflower derivatives, to name just a few used by many plants edible vegetable oil.Liquid at room temperature, oil sometimes added to processed food preparation process.They are also used to fry food and make the salad dressing.

In many areas, people began to processing of vegetable oil in thousands of years ago, use any food raw material, they are on hand to get all sorts of use cooking oil.Early people learned to use the sun, fire, or oven, until the plant can be collected by oil seepage and then heating oil plant products.As early as 2000 BC in the production of soybean oil, China and Japan and southern Europe have begun by 3000 BC to the production of olive oil in Mexico and North America, roasted peanuts and sunflower seeds and beaten into a paste before the water to a boil;Then rose to skim oil on the surface of the material.Africans are crushed, and beat the coconut and palm kernel, then boil pulp obtained leave to turn off the water hot oil.It is only recently, some oil has become available as extraction technology has improved.Corn oil for the first time be used in the 1960 s.Cotton oil - oil, grape seed oil, and the others is seen as a way to take advantage of the now is that, until recently, thought is the seed of waste.

Raw Materials

sunflower, palm kernel, safflower, cotton, sesame, and grapes oil) or nuts (including peanut, soybean, almond, walnut oil).A few special cases involving just pulp pressure oil from a plant.For example, coconut oil from coconut meat, palm oil from palm fruit pulp, and from fresh olive pulp olive oil.Atypical, corn oil from germs of kernel (es).


The Manufacturing 

Some vegetable oils, such as olive oil, peanut oil, and some coconut and sunflower oil, cold pressed.This way, this requires the least amount of processing, the production need a lamp, suitable for some cooking oil.Most of the oil source, however, is not suitable for cold press, because it will stay in oil many trace elements, do not want to cause it is odiferous, bitter, or dark.These oils after beyond the simple extraction and many steps to produce a flat, clear, consistent with the oil.

Cleaning and grinding

1 call oil seeds over the magnet to delete any trace metals before being shelled, deskinned, or otherwise deprived of all the excess material.In the case of cotton, the cotton seeds must be stripped the lint and shell.Under the condition of the corn, the kernel must pass a grinding germ separation.
2 stripping was pressed seeds or nuts and then ground into a coarse meal, to provide more surface area.Mechanization of grooved roller or hammer mill material crushing to the right consistency.Then heat the meal in order to promote the extraction of oil.And program allows more oil is pressed out, more impurities are pressure and oil, and before you can think of edible oil, these must be removed.



3 heating meals, then straight into a screw press, it as a meal through the slotting barrel pressure gradually increase.As the oil from the cylinder, where it can be recycling tank pressure usually increases from 68950 to 68950, 0000 mpa.
Additional oil by solvent extraction
4 soybean is usually not before all the solvent extraction extrusion, because they have relatively a little oil, but much more oil oilseed press and solvent processing.After initial oil from spiral squeezing recycling, residues in press cake by solvent extraction process, in order to achieve maximum output.Volatile hydrocarbons (the most common hexane) dissolve oil the oil filter cake, and then removing the solvent by distillation out light collection.The BLAW - Knox Rotocell is used to meet the needs of the soybean oil industry.In the use of this machinery, wafer meals using cylindrical container wedge plot to send.Solvent and then collected through material at the bottom.Is still in a significant number is used by manufacturers borman or hansa - Muhle unit, including oilseed flake placed in a continuous flow of porous basket.Solvent percolation through regular dump and replace it.

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