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Three key points about edible oil refining process


Edible oil refining process is actually a more complex process . Edible oil refining features are mixed with water to the crude oil and stirred , so that the crude oil in combination with water, phospholipids precipitate was isolated and refined edible oil . In the refining process , to strictly control the amount of water mixing , oil temperature, water temperature and mixer speed. $ This method is more refined method to improve oil refining base rate of 7-17 % , 7.6-19 % cost reduction .
However , summed up the edible oil refining process has the following three major steps:
( 1 ) : Extract
 If they contain water , it will form the suspended impurities in the crude gum , gum to be in addition to those commonly used hydrolysis method, so that no hydrolysis of phospholipids dissolved in fat.
( 2 ) : Bleaching
Crude oil commonly used pigment school deeper clarity is low, such as chlorophyll soybean oil , palm oil and so carrot pigment bleaching earth or activated carbon can be used to absorb oil in the pigment.
( 3 ) : Deodorised
 Manufacturing demand tasteless margarine and shortenings grease , etc., but vegetable oils and marine animals contain its special flavor , we must first be removed before application . High temperature steam , it is removed by distillation ; when the high temperature and moisture, oil is easily oxidized or hydrolyzed , it must be at a relatively low temperature and vacuum deodorised .