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How Expeller equipment works


Expeller equipment refers to the aid of the role of mechanical force , squeeze the oil from the oil out of the machine. For Expeller use as much as possible in order to extend the life and increase oil yield , we must first understand the oil press equipment works.
When Expeller equipment operation , after a good deal of oil squeezed from the hopper into the breech . Pressed by the screw to keep the embryo transfer so that the material in advance , be pressed . As the material of the embryo in the press virgin bore in the state of motion is carried out under conditions of high pressure pressing chamber , producing a great deal of friction between the embryo and the virgin material snails, embryos and virgin material breech , so friction can cause relative movement between the micro- parison material . Henan Wanda Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. in other hand, due to the pressing screw root diameter is gradually thickening Park pitch is gradually reduced , so when pressing screw rotation , screw hard material embryos that can move forward , but also outward and upward while pressing close the material layer is also screwed with the threaded surface of the pressing axis.
Such virgin bore in each embryo particulate material , such as the speed is not the same direction, but also exist between the relative motion of particles . The heat generated by friction and the oil extraction process operation to meet the necessary heat helps to promote the parison thermal denaturation of proteins , destruction of the gel, to increase the ductility , while also reducing the viscosity of the oil to the oil is likely to precipitate , thus improved oil yield oil press , so that the oil in the oil squeezed out of the row and row of gaps and cracks out from the circle .