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Common fault about combined oil press-One


Combined oil press is widely used in the production and processing of various edible oils , and combined oil press price is reasonable in Henan Wanda Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. We all know that time oil press used for a long time , there will be all kinds of failures. Failure to promptly exclude Expeller encounter to the efficient production of edible oil.

Combined oil press in general , there are two failures, today give you a brief introduction virgin material because the low water caused by failure:
(1) Expeller cage gurgling sound, so that the entire press vibration ;
( 2 ) The cake can not be broken into pieces and scattered and dark brown , and with a focal spot ;
( 3 ) Power motor load current is higher than 30 amps ;
( 4 ) The position of the oil toward the direction of the cake, the cake mouth to take smoke, reduce the oil, the oil color sepia.

If the long duration of these phenomena can cause significant mechanical damage accident. At this time , we must immediately reduce the steam pressure in the steam is injected into the cylinder to increase the amount of direct steam , cutting off a small door , reducing the squeeze cage feeding , increasing the thickness of the cake , allowing a gradual decline after pressing machine load , coupled with regulation, so as to restore normal operation. 

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