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Two features of vertical hydraulic oil press


Vertical hydraulic oil press is an advanced computer-aided design and manufacturing , from the high and low pressure hydraulic double pump combination system. The machine is simple to operate, crushing force, dry cake residual rate, high productivity , high energy conservation, but also controlled thermostats , etc. And greatly reduces the labor intensity . the main features about Oil press is following two aspects:
  1 , Easy operation, high degree of automation, significantly reducing the labor intensity and skill requirements of workers. Compared with conventional oil extraction equipment , appearance of the structure of the product concise and practical , small size, small footprint , easy to learn , easy to understand , easy to operate, no special requirements on the operator . Just to make a simple relay settings , you can achieve full automation of oil extraction process , a combination of virgin barrel and oil pan design makes loading, the cake becomes very easy , worry, effort, time .
  2 , High efficiency, energy saving and reasonable production process . Vertical hydraulic oil press 2.2KW motor configuration , the use of high and low pressure hydraulic double pump combination system, which ensures the virgin and quick action when the cake , but also ensures the high pressure needed when pouring oil , energy efficient , compact, High pressure up to 50MPa.