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BASB 400NN-1 Plate Fine Filter


Plate Fine Filter BASB400NN-1Plate Fine Filter BASB400NN-1 is a new filtration system is composed of the bag, case, taking into account three components of a frame is simple, efficient and economical filtration system. Its structural design is reasonable, the overall structure is compact with high filtration precision, large capacity, the operation does not require special tools or ancillary equipment, easy to install, easy maintenance, fast, complete specifications, easy to clean, suitable for small batch production of many varieties, small size, high flow, high impurity recycling capacity, continuous operation for a long time, low production costs consume a wide range of advantages .
Fine Filter using a high temperature vacuum frying oil in the fryer tank to breathe filtered through a filter aid and the filter paper after purification returned to the pan . Plays a key role in the filter aid having a strong surface activity, the effective absorption of the frying oil free fatty acids, peroxides, polymers and the suspended particulate impurities . Filter paper to the best degree of porosity and permeability, in addition to the basic interval of more than 5u particulate impurities and other harmful substances, thereby inhibiting the frying oil acid value and peroxide increased production, improve the frying environment, improve product quality.
Fine Filter is widely used in petroleum products, chemical products, cosmetics, paints, coatings, inks, vegetable oil, electroplating solution, wastewater, pharmaceutical and other aspects of the filter .