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how-to-peel-the-oil seeds?


 Hull oil according to the nature, shape and size, kernel oil peel skin when combined in different situations, using different methods sheller.

     (1) Compaction by rubbing friction rub grind the role of the rough face so that the oil shell broken. The disc sheller for cotton seed, peanut sheller.
     (2) hit the wall or playing board by law and the role of the impact of oil between the hull so broken. Centrifugal sheller for sunflower seeds, tea seed sheller.
     (3) shearing by the shearing action of sharp Face hull oil so broken. Knife plate for cottonseed sheller sheller.
     (4) by means of extrusion compression rollers so that oil hull broken. The roll sheller for castor bean sheller.
     (5) by means of high-speed air stream impact method of oil will collide with the shell, so that the oil broken hull.