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How to improve oil yield of screw oil press equipment


Screw oil press equipment’s selection is very important, the main factor is the level of oil yield of crops, of course, higher oil yield, profit will be more, however, affect the oil yield crop moisture is the most important factor, followed by crop temperature.
Here briefly on other factors that influence the rate of the oil:
Raw cleanliness is not enough, there is sand, impurities into the pressing chamber.
Mouth screw shaft or the cake is not smooth, the impact of feed, the cake, the available grinding wheel can also be chaff friction coefficient of the material incorporated into the cake, add appropriate water, power, slowly squeezing feed the mouth of the cake polished.
Screw shaft speed is too high or too low, the speed should be adjusted to meet the requirements so far.
Polished screw shaft, replace the parts.
Before using the press to do the inspection work press, which is on the site of lubricating oil to be applied, so not only improve work efficiency and oil yield, better parts to reduce friction and reduce the press frequency of replacement of wearing parts.