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Improved 6YL-105 screw oil press


The 6YL-105 screw oil press on the basis of the original scientific press improve the longer the length of the pressing chamber, so as to reach 720 cm, an increase in the pressing chamber and the pressing screw element row number, taking three crushing way to increase the oil crops in virgin breech press time, thereby increasing the oil yield of raw materials, oil spots on the press has been improved, so that the oil portion of the machine tends to be more uniform, more oil point more effective in reducing the traditional oil press run slag more crude oil out of the oil muddy, not filtering and other defects.
Improved screw oil press with superior performance, long press working segment, residual rate, long working life, etc.Which are widely used in edible oil processing industry. At the same press also has a beautiful appearance, compact structure, simple installation, high degree of automation, virgin bore rapid heating, it can pick pressing, the oil press is high in the general press and the oil clear, pure flavor and other characteristics.