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How to maintain oil press


Oil press refers to the role of mechanical force by means of the oil from the oil squeezed out of the machine. Which can be divided into domestic press, hydraulic system oil , screw machine oil , new hydraulic press, high- precision filter press . Oil press ’s use affect expeller life.
We can see from the following aspects to maintain of oil press:
1 , It should be checked after every 50 hours of lubrication , gear box oil cup above shall not be short of oil , the source through the pressing screw shaft to adjust the screw bearing adjustment screw hole should be drawn butter filling once dry grinding is strictly prohibited .
2 , Each lubrication should prevent intrusion of dust and other impurities , the annual need to check the gearbox oil quality time , if found deterioration , replace all the oil.
3, When the press was reduced , the cake or the oil is not normal, should be pressing screw shaft is removed , check the pressing screw , cage bars , the cake head , wear the mouth of the cake , to the timely replacement of worn parts .
4, After the end of each work , the machine should remove residual cake , dust and grease clean surface of the machine .
5 , When the end of the production season after long-term storage , maintenance should be carried out once and pressing screw , cage bars , the first washable reload oiled cake , dry place .
6 , Each time after the end of oil, put off his cleaning residue helical axis , while rotating scrub with a dry cloth and mouth swab sticks, to prevent clogging.