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The two methods of palm oil extraction processing


Palm oil is squeezed from palm fruit on palm trees in tropical vegetable oil, squeeze the pulp out of the oil called palm oil, and nuts squeezing out the oil called palm kernel oil. Said palm oil palm pulp refers only to squeeze out of the crude oil and refined oil , palm kernel oil is not included . Palm oil and palm kernel oil in the food, chemical, bio-diesel , which are widely used.
Oil palm fruit oil content of up to 50% of its oil production per unit area is 2-3 times coconut , peanuts are 7-8 times , known as the " king of the world's oil ." palm oil extraction processing is very complex , palm fruit was boiled, crushed, after the extraction process , get CPO CPO after refining to remove free fatty acids, natural pigments , odor , got refined palm oil and palm salad oil.
The following physical and chemical refining refining both introduce palm oil extraction processing.
Palm oil physical refining : bleaching clay steam
                               ↓ ↓
                       Pretreatment of crude oil → → bleaching, deodorizing filter → → RBD oil ( refined deodorized oil bleaching )
                                                        ↓ ↓
                                                          Waste clay fatty acid distillate and volatiles
 Palm oil chemical refining :
                   Alkaline phosphatase solution bleaching clay steam
                      ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
    Pretreatment of crude oil → → → alkali refining centrifuge bleaching filter → → → NBD deodorized oil ( and in bleaching deodorized oil )
                                                   ↓ ↓
                                                Soap foot odor volatile impurities
                                                    Palmitic acid oil
( Main components : the free fatty acid glycerides neutral oil as part of monoglycerides diacylglycerol )