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Oil extraction equipment is the backbone of the edible oil industry


Oil press is compact oil extraction equipment, when the press edible oils times appear chaotic transparent the method mode . When this method makes it squeezed out of the troubled situation is inferior oil. When using this device press , generally we use are repeatedly pressed to increase production, but we should squeeze a few more reasonable it is recommended under normal circumstances press twice .
Henan Wanda Chemical Equipment produced press equipment,which can generally provide a high conversion rate , the oil rate is very high . When using our equipment for production , just to deal with good fuel into the machine , press the button for production, after pressing crude oil will flow directly into the oil drum filter to filter out after the oil can be consumed directly . We also need to pay attention to the daily maintenance of oil extraction equipment, following a brief maintenance about oil press:
1, The long-term shutdown , should wipe the machine , oiled , and cover shield.
2, The pressure on the oil pump needs to be filtered , the concentration is not too large , it is best to use vegetable oil , prohibit the use of gasoline , kerosene and other flammable fuel .
3, Pin pump handle connections should always add oil to reduce wear and tear.
4, The press should be used indoors to avoid the sun and wind , resulting in edible oil pollution.
5, The tank should be kept clean , about three months to clean the tank and replace with new oil , or remove the filter before using the tank , the oil pump impurities will wear , causing the oil plug, affect machine performance.