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Oil filter supplier provides three important informations


Henan Wanda Chemical Equipment as oil filter supplier, to provide customers with high quality, and high-efficiency equipment, but also to provide some common problems of oil filter .
Edible oil is an edible oil filter harmful substances and impurities filtration devices removed. It is set by a variety of filter material and filter net filter, consisting of paper in the bottom of the container with a drain hole into the container after the cooking oil through the filter net outflow from the lower filter, thereby removing the oils after repeated frying generated " acrolein ", " benzo grate " and other harmful substances, to ensure that people 's body drop.
Following a brief introduction about edible oil filter three roles:
First, the rational use of edible oil filters make life better, oil filter uses a fast way to replace the filter bags, and traditional filters need to remove the bag to squeeze the ring to replace the bag mouth is more convenient, while also reducing secondary pollution.
Second, edible oil filter successfully solved the problem of water pollution, so that the entire edible oil filter can only filter raw water, but also can automatically cleaning, sewage, and can also be uninterrupted water supply. Also remove silt, clay, rust, suspended solids, algae, biological slime water, corrosion products, macromolecular bacteria, organic matter and other small particles and other impurities, to water purification purposes.
Third, the life cycle of waste cooking oil using a filter to help inseparable, oil filter mounted on the filter source, automatically filtering the waste water in the filtered clean filtrate can be used again, environmentally friendly and energy saving without electricity and petroleum energy, a good solution to the problem of sewage discharge .