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Combined oil press common malfunction


Combined oil press price varies according to the initial oil press pressing, hot pressing chamber that is large unground feed caused the quality of heat available oilseeds (heating water can also be used dry cake) slowly feed mills repeatedly, the temperature rise.
Combined oil press squeezing process, virgin bore off the material, and then a lot of feeding, nesting cause poor fuel blockage caused by pressing chamber. Therefore, when feeding a continuous uniform, not too thin cake. Once a fault occurs, immediately turn off the power, the feed adjustment plate Chasi, stop feeding and nesting plate open, pour open helical axis, so that exit. Then remove the oil bore and re-press.
Combined oil press is the easiest to operate machinery and oil extraction, the highest oil yield, the least to replace wearing parts of a press, because every squeeze less, time is short, suitable for sesame, soybean, peanut, rapeseed and all other oil crops.

Combined oil press