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Oil separator machine about oil press machine


 Oil press machine  squeeze crude oil to filter through the device, using centrifugal principle: water heating requirements of crude oil or brine, in fact, many customers actually add cold water also can be misleading, because the diesel engine comes with its own separate heating systems, after just 10 minutes to the crude oil is heated to a high temperature of 70 degrees is cold even go into effect does not affect the operation of the equipment. 

Oil press should be noted that as far as possible in the tank after a chunk of lead waste clean-up, because chunks of waste in the separator where the conversion to easily blocked, so cleaning up a lot of trouble, but more importantly is the impact of doing business. 
Finally, we need to attract users particular concern is the operation after shutdown, many users took over after seeing the device off the oil flow, but in fact this is the most unscientific and incorrect methods of operation. The correct way is to see in the future not to rush to shut down oil flow is over, do not feel bad that a little electricity, so the device idle a few minutes and then put in the waste conversion and then try to drain completely shut down.