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New Hydraulic Oil Press


New hydraulic oil press, small footprint, consume less power, cake better quality, wider use in our countryside, which is used to peanuts, soybeans, cottonseed and rapeseed and other oil crops, squeezing out the oil for food . Now on its use of knowledge are described below:
1. methods of operation
(1) according to the different fuel, master cake squeezed into billet temperature and moisture content.
(2) When pressed on the top plate next to lowest position, loosen the tie rod nuts activities, unplug the two active pins, turning activities lever on the side. Cake into the pressing chamber in turn, will be active lever back in situ fixation, the first pre-press to see the oil lasts, return the piston, the remaining cake into a formal press (general hydraulic press can hold cake 20) .
(3) when the pressure squeezing the handle when light pressure ground pressure, force should be uniform, and not too hard, otherwise prone to accidents.
(4) crushing the high oil content of oil (such as peanut, rapeseed), pressing the first pass when the first low-pressure pump, after switching to the oil pressure pump.
(5) work such as found in the pressure gauge pointer back to less than zero, it should promptly check, repair or replacement.
(6) Open the return valve, the oil will automatically back into the tank, the piston automatically fall, you can unload virgin.

2. inspection and commissioning

(1) pump test before the tank with clean machine oil or vegetable oil, pressed the handle up and down to see whether the rising piston oil press. If the piston does not rise or handle the pressure when moving effortlessly, to check the fuel tank of the valves, and the exclusion of the air pipe.
(2) for the whole pressure test, pressure test using 1.25 times the working pressure, check the piston out to the maximum working stroke, the regulator for 15 minutes, pressure gauge test pressure drop must not exceed 4% ; All oil should be no leakage; pressure drop in all, the gauge pointer back to the "0" position, the part should be no damage, trolley shall not have significant deformation, moving parts, no catching phenomenon.
(3) reliability test on the safety valve, safety valve adjusted to the working pressure (left 5, bottom left 1) MPa, continuous test five times, the needle valve opening and closing sensitive valve after each jump the low pressure gauge reading should not the rated working pressure.

3. maintenance

(1) the pressure in the oil pump to filter, the concentration is not too large, it is best to use canola oil, soybean oil and peanut oil, etc., prohibit the use of gasoline, kerosene and other flammable oils.
(2) the fuel tank should be kept clean, for every three months or so to clean the tank and replace with new oil, or to remove the filter inside the oil before use. Impurities in the oil will cause oil pump wear and clogging, affecting oil press work.
(3) handle and pump coupling pin, so always add oil to reduce wear.
(4) oil press should be installed for indoor use, so as not to open the wind and rain, causing rust and cooking oil pollution.
(5) long-term parking, should let the machine wipe, oiled, and cover with protective cover.