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High Grade Oil Process is given by Henan Wanda Chemical Equipment


High Grade Oil Process has complex refining process, the operation should pay more attention. Hydraulic press large area, consume less power , better quality cake , use a wider oil extraction industry in our country , it is used to peanuts, soybeans, cottonseed and rapeseed and other oil crops squeezed out of oil, for food .
High Grade Oil Process flow is as follows :

                                                             ┌ - → dewaxing → ​​- ┐
Crude oil - → Filter - → unglued - → deacidification - → vacuum drying - → bleaching - → deodorizing - → Filter - → refined edible oil

Meanwhile, the correct method of operation about oil press, Henan Wanda Chemical Equipment gives the following recommendations :

1, The pump pressure oil to be filtered , the concentration is not too large , it is best to use canola oil, soybean oil and peanut oil, etc. , prohibit the use of gasoline , kerosene and other flammable fuel .
2, The tank should be kept clean , every three months or so to clean the tank and replace with new oil , or to remove the filter inside the oil before use. Impurities in the oil will cause the oil pump wear and clogging effects of press work .
3, Handle and pump coupling pin, should always add oil to reduce wear .
4, The press should be installed indoors, avoid outdoor wind and rain, causing rust and cooking oil pollution.
5, When the long-term parking , we should wipe the machine , oiled , and cover shield.