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Olive oil machinery main features


General olive oil from light yellow to yellow-green color range , the more clear the better the quality , the more turbid the worse . General formal product will be marked acidity value , the best olive oil acid value of not more than 1% , edible olive oil acid value does not exceed 3.3%.Olive oil machinery is the important tool about Olive oil.

1, Automatic temperature control, easy to operate oil roasted , into the breech oil, hair oil filter has a strict temperature requirements. Clearly unscientific manual adjustment controls, the process is also not allowed , and economic impact .
2 , Magnetic separation systems, patented design magnetic separation, magnetic separation unit feed system installation can be cleared in the raw material iron , nails and other debris , to avoid the oil into the iron artifacts caused by mechanical failure .
3 , Multi-stage crushing, high oil tricyclic multi -stage crushing machinery company , increasing the pressure point , multi -stage propulsion , strengthen the degree of crushing of raw materials, improve the oil yield , while speeding up the work efficiency.
4 , Automatic heating , mechanical and electrical integration tricyclic machinery company press equipped with a new generation of unique automatic heating systems, electronic program control , infrared heating synchronization of different oil crops , different heating can be automatically improve the speed and efficiency of the oil press .
5 , Virgin bore transformation, designed traditional virgin bore groove design is unreasonable, resulting in incomplete fuel outflow , many have been wasted.