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Six operation about loop type oil extraction equipment


Loop type oil extraction equipment can be used in walnut oil refining, crude oil through the walnut alkali refining , hydration , bleaching , hydrogenation, deodorizing , dried and made refined walnut oil . It has the advantage of reducing the peroxide value of walnut oil can solve the technical difficulties easily oxidized walnut oil , walnut oil improve the quality , stable product quality and shelf life of up to 24 months or more.
The following recommendations about Oil extraction equipment using:
1, Prior to use, you must carefully read this manual, are familiar with the performance characteristics and method of operation of the machine.
2, Before starting , you must conduct a comprehensive inspection , not loose fasteners , handles rotating flexible, rotating pulley by hand , each part should operate normally.
3, Loosen the lock nut , turn the adjustment screw so that the cone snail squeezed tight against the cone cake circle , then clockwise rotation of the adjustment screw , and then tighten the nut , ready to boot.
4, Then three-phase four -wire power plant , after the power is turned on , the spindle should be rotated counter-clockwise , under no circumstances , the machine must have a good grounding device, or can not boot.
5, Press the button on the main motor , the host starts running , the direction of rotation should be counter-clockwise.
6, After the installation of new oil press mill juice for 4-8 hours , the method is used to drain the oil cake material has been fed from the hopper slowly.