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Palm oil sources


Oil palm (Elaeis Guineenie) native to tropical West Africa, is a hermaphrodite perennials, since a bit like coconut tree, it is also known as the "oil palm." According to research, palm oil as an edible oil has 5,000 years of history.
Because oil palm yield particularly high, and the more extensive use, so, over the past century tropical and subtropical regions competing introduction. Such as Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, where the acreage of oil palm and palm oil production in Malaysia, ranking first in the world.
World oil king's reputation
Meike oil palm can be harvested each year about 10 to 12 fruits, each fruit about 1000 to 3000 palm seeds. Oil palm fruit oil content of up to 50%, an oil palm oil can be produced annually 30-40 kg per mu yield of oil up to 100-200 kg per mu yield varieties of oil up more than 600 kg. Palm oil yield is 2-3 times the coconut, peanuts 7-8 times, it was hailed as "king of the world's oil."
Palm tree transplanting 25-- 3 years after the start of fruiting can be continuously harvested 25--30 years, slightly each year as long as the care, fertilization can be so low cost, high yield, unique grease performance, high demand in the economy, other edible oils and fats can not compete.
Oil palm fruits can produce two oils: palm oil obtained from the peel; palm kernel oil obtained from the hard pit nucleoli.