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What uses about palm oil


Palm oil contains rich nutrients , but also contain many substances for industrial use , is widely used in food and beverage industry , chemical industry, food industry and oil .
1, Palm oil in the food and beverage industry applications:
(1) Palm oil has good oxidation resistance. Palm unsaturated moderate , non- linolenic acid, rich in natural vitamin E is a natural antioxidant and efficient , which makes palm oil compared to other oils more suitable for frying, roasting food .
( 2 ) Fatty acid composition is more desirable. 50% of palm oil fatty acids, trans free acid with an acid easily polymerizable substance .
( 3 ) Economical . High-yielding oil palm is a perennial oil plants, a plant can be harvested about 20 years , annual oil per unit area than other plant oils high yields relatively stable , these factors make palm oil, edible vegetable oil become the most cost-competitive .
2, The use of palm oil in the food industry : In the food industry, are generally processed into palm shortening , margarine , hydrogenated palm oil, frying oil , and grease and the like.
3, The industrial use of palm oil : refined palm oil for industrial use , requires a melting point of not lower than 44 ℃. In developed countries, a large number of palm oil is used in industrial fields. One is from palm oil can be obtained directly , such as soaps, palm oil and its polyol epoxy , polyurethane and polyacrylate products ; another one is oil and chemical products, such as fatty acids, esters, fatty alcohols , nitrogen compounds and glycerol.