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Maintenance works about peanut sheller


Henan Wanda Chemical Equipment to meet the needs of edible oil processing industry , produced the high-efficiency peanut sheller machine, its main feature is the low processing peanuts crushing, sorting and clean , good color, less impurities, the indicators in line with national standards .
The following about the peanut sheller machine structure and working principle:
Peanut sheller uses pattern rods, rack, recessed panels, wind turbines , gravity separation and secondary hoist several components , simple structure, easy operation , stable performance, safe and reliable.
Its working principle : peanuts by hand feeding , the first gate fell on rough paper , due to rotation of the text plate rubbing force and fixed fences between the concave plate , peeled peanut shells after the separation of the shell peanuts while falling through the grid , and then through the air duct over by the wind blowing most of the peanut shell hit the plane, but not yet part of peanuts and peanut peeling fruit together fall into the small proportion of the sorting screen , after re- screening , peanuts by the line separating screen surface through entrance and exit into sacks , but have not yet peeled peanuts, downstream from the screen surface , crossing through the material flows into the elevator, and then from the elevator into the secondary grid lines peel , then after screening the proportion of branches selected , you can reached full peel .