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New Type Screw Pre-press Machine


Screw oil press is a new type of multi-functional machine combined by the pressing chamber, feeding device,screw assembly , cake calibration device, gearboxes and motors. 
Spiral pre-pressing machine is characterized by a transverse vertical auger synchronous operation, pressing chamber is axially split, single chamber housing with dovetail groove center bolt clamps fixed by hinged breech opening and closing the shell structure, and the use of cold - warm cooling structure;Screw assembly for segmented structure, spiral and bushing with a labyrinth seal between the gasket set aside in the spiral-tight spiral.
This machine has a novel design, reasonable structure and function of both automatic and manual correction cake, without stopping the Ripper cleaning and replacement of wearing parts, large capacity, low energy consumption, small footprint, and low cost. It can be widely meet the pre-pressing for extraction plant .