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Process is provided by edible oil manufacturer


edible oil manufacturerHenan Wanda Chemical Equipment as edible oil manufacturer, who is providing medium and small models of complete sets of oil press equipment, plant / animal oil refining equipment, etc. My company based on years of edible oil processing equipment manufacturers, all using oil almost every after these processes, feeding hydration, unglued miscellaneous, drying ,bleaching. deodorizing filter ,raise grain products, such as skim ,dewaxing process.
The following gives the following simple edible oil processing process:
1, Pre-mustard edible oil refinery two processes: crude oil filter , vacuum drying, hydration dephosphorizing refined oil.
2, Two edible oil refining rapeseed oil extraction process: extraction of vegetable oil , hydration (or alkali refining), desolventizing refined oil.
3, Pre-mustard edible oil refining a process: alkali refining crude oil filter , washing , bleaching,​deodorized oil products.
4, Leaching into refined rapeseed oil that is refined rapeseed salad oil process: extraction of crude oil hydration , washing ,bleaching alkali refining deodorizing , finished oil filter.