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Four pretreatment process about 6YL-130 screw oil press


6YL-130 screw oil press is suitable for cold pressed oils of various plants, with a small investment, simple operation, the applicability of other advantages. When press operation, will handle the embryo with such good material hopper, extra virgin oil from the hopper into the breech. There was a spiral to promote the pressing screw, be pressed.
Before the embryo into the virgin material must undergo pretreatment process, pretreatment press will directly affect the quality of work and the oil yield . Different oils have different pretreatment process requirements, but mainly includes the following items:
1, Cleanup. Entering the processing plant oils contain some impurities, if not carefully cleaning, press the internal parts will accelerate wear and tear, lower oil yield, and even cause malfunctions and accidents.
2, Sheller . For shelled oil, then squeeze should peel, this can increase the production capacity and oil yield . Its supporting equipment: Sheller, separating sieve, separating machines.
3, Broken. Some oils can be pressed into a monolith, but after crushing, flaking after crushing, can significantly improve the oil yield . Its supporting equipment: crushers, flaking machines.
4, Steamed fried. Steamed fried oil is an important part of improving the rate of oil commonly used method is to first wet and then dried by frying pan so the oil temperature reaches into the water and juice process requirements .
Screw oil press can squeeze range: rapeseed, cottonseed, soybean, peanut, linseed, palm, coconut, olives, castor, Su seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, rice bran, corn germ, walnuts, almonds, evening primrose all oil crops seed, pine nuts, animal skin, clay and so on.