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Three elements to protect olive oil machinery


There are also well-known press peak seasons, the season after midnight, the use of olive oil machinery for a long time, relatively high frequency. The press division wear more serious, in order to be able to extend the use life of press in the cold season division needs to do maintenance work on .
( 1 ) Details determine victory or defeat
To press the open space on some of the specific view , especially pressing screw shaft and the gap between the cake circle , we must ensure that this distance is within the normal range , when the center blocked with debris , the demand for timely finishing, to avoid attack stuck thing. But also check the tightness of bolts and nuts , avoid the use of process because of the sensational attack loose.
( 2 ) Paying attention to water
Cold season is rarely used press, making the division must be placed away from water to avoid the onset of oxidation reactions press rust . Before storage should be in order to avoid rot , certainly you want to press the remaining oil inside to organize, to avoid impurities on the press handed the formation of corrosion . In some bearing some smearing oil to avoid rusting .
( 3 ) Timing View
Despite the cold season , said press seldom used , but in order to ensure that its features , the timing needs to restart press equipment that can be useful to avoid certain parts rust, affect the flexibility of oil press. Demand for circuit equipment maintenance, to avoid the cable being chewed mice in storage process.