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Six questions about the peanut oil press


1, Before using peanut oil press must read carefully this manual, are familiar with the performance characteristics and method of operation of the machine.
2, Pre-Boot . Must first conduct a comprehensive inspection , not loose fasteners , handles rotating flexible, rotating pulley by hand , each component should be normal operation , no abnormal sound, followed by filling the 20th mechanical gear box oil . Loosen the lock nut , turn the adjustment screw so that the cone snail squeezed tight against the mouth of the cake cone , then the adjustment screw clockwise two turns , then tighten the lock nut , ready to boot.
3, Adjusting the temperature controller transferred press the desired temperature 130-180 degrees : twist total heating switch the machine heated up , then the temperature controller on the green light, red light goes out.
4, The new press installation should be performed 2-8 hours after grinding virgin : The oil has been pressed cake material fed from the hopper slowly , repeatedly pressed back . So pressing screw polished, the cake , forming smooth , remember not to start grinding virgin material directly into the hopper , and fed to the clutch is appropriate to prevent the pressing screw shaft stuck.
5, Regular oil, feed must be kept evenly , not too little or too much feed off idling.
6, When the oil flows out of the filter press at press drums , pressing the vacuum button pump starts running , the air filter oil barrel is withdrawn , the barrel shape is a negative pressure at the oil to flow naturally filter drums , while diesel was isolated in cloth top.